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Biodegradable Erosion Control Blankets

North American Green BioNet - website linkAll products in the BioNet® series are composed of 100% organic materials that biodegrade completely. BioNet products are ideal for use in applications where synthetic materials may pose a threat to animals or the environment, such as wetland mitigation, riparian and bioengineering work and sand dune stabilization. Further, BioNet products completely degrade in areas where little to no sunlight penetrates, making their use desirable under dense tree canopies and other heavily shaded areas. Finally, the complete degradation characteristic of the BioNet products make them ideal for athletic turf applications where partially decomposed or non-decomposed synthetic nets can increase the risk of injury [football, baseball, soccer fields, etc.] or equipment damage [golf, etc.].

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BioNet products feature a dense mulch matrix stitched with biodegradable thread to either one or two jute nets. Providing better moisture absorption, flexibility and conformance with the soil surface, BioNet products demonstrate improved erosion control and mulching capabilities over comparable synthetic-netted erosion control blankets. The unique leno weave top net ensures superior mechanical stability and matrix fiber retention under severe conditions and makes BioNet products more stable than other biodegradable blankets composed of simple cross-lay netting. Though designed to retain the mulch matrix under severe stress conditions, the interwoven leno weave strands can move independently, minimizing the risk of accidental wildlife entrapment, enabling the use of live stakes, and allowing the installation of trees, shrubs and other plantings without compromising erosion control performance.

Each North American Green BioNet blanket has been tested to determine performance characteristics relative to slope, swale and streambank/channel erosion stress conditions. North American Green’s easy to use, complimentary software, Erosion Control Materials Design Software [ECMDS®], allows designers to evaluate which product is best suited to meet site-specific needs using federally accepted design standards.

Contact our Price and Company, Inc. Regional Representative for more information pertaining to the BioNet products and the ECMDS software.

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